14.Use the Simple Present or Simple Past form of the verbs in brackets.

A: You (hear) the thunder last night? B: No, I I (hear, not) any-thing all
night. I (be) asleep. 2. A: Listen! You (hear) a siren in the dis-tance? B: No,
I (not) I (hear, not) anything at all. 3. A: You (build) that bookshelf? B: No,
I (not) My uncle (build) it for me. 4. A: A fish (be) slippery to hold? B: Yes,
It can slip right out of your hand. A: How about frogs? They (be) slippery? B:
Yes, A: What about snakes? B: I (know, not)
I’ve never touched a snake. 5. A: I (want) to go to the mall this
afternoon and (look) for a new bathing suit. You (want) to go with me? B: I
can’t. I (have) an appointment with my English teacher. Besides, I (buy) a new
bathing suit last year. I (need, not) a new one this year. 6. I (offer) to help
my older neighbour carry her groceries into her house every time I see her
return from the store. She (be) always very grateful. Yesterday, she (offer) to
pay me for helping her, but of course I (accept, not) the offer. 7. Last Monday
night, I (take) my sister and her husband to my favourite restaurant for dinner
and (find) the doors locked. I (know, not) it then, but my favourite restaurant
(be, not open) on Mondays. We (want, not) to eat anywhere else, so we (go) back
to my house. I (make) a salad and (heat) some soup. Everyone (seem) satisfied
though I (be, not)
a wonderful cook. 8. My daughter is twenty-one years old. She (like) to travel.
My wife and I (worry) about her a little when she (be) away from home, but we
also (trust) her judgement. Last year, after she (graduate) from the college,
she (go) to Europe with two of her friends. They (travel, not) by train or by
car. Instead, they (rent) motor scooters and slowly (ride) through each country
they visited. While she (be) away, my wife and I (worry) about her safety. We
(be) very happy when we (see) her smiling face at the airport and (know) that
she was finally safe at home.


Ответы и объяснения

1 did you hear
didn't hear, was
2 do you hear
don't hear
3 did you build
4 is
are they
don't know
5 want
do you want
don't need
6 offer
didn't accept
7 took
Don't know
Isn't open
Didn't want