write 20-30 words about your worst weather experience. Say when
it was, where you were, what the weather was and what you did! (напишите 20-30 слов о своем опыте плохой погоды. Скажите, когда это было, где Вы были, чем была погода и что Вы сделали!)

помогите пожалуйста написать)



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Last summer I was going for a walk with y friends. It was hot outside, but there was a little cloud in the sky. My mum told me to take an umbrella, but i didn't listened to her. 10 minutes later after I went outside it began to rain. Then it was so hard,that I became very wet. So, i had to go back home and turn my clothes.

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Last autumn I went to my Granny. She lives in a small village. There are not many houses in it. And my Granny lives far from the centre.

One day I went to the shop in the centre of the village to buy some bread. Suddenly it began raining. It was raining cats and dogs!

Fortunately, I had an umbrella. And I went home. But the road became very muddy. There were a lot of puddles on it. And when I returned home I was very wet and muddy.