tekst:Yesterday Emma helped her mother.First she washed the dishes,next she cleaned her shoes and then she played with her brother,Joe.She walked to the supermarket and the carried home two heavy bags.there was a poster on a wall.Emma's mother was very happy.She had a surprise foe Emma.Emma looked at the tickets.then she phoned Jill. zadanie:read and say.Nujno sdelat tak 4to by na nepravil'noe predlojenie u vas polu4ilos',naprimer;emma helped her father. No,Emma helped her mother. First she washed the clothes.2.then she played with her friend.3.She carried four heavy bags.4.Next she cleaned her room.4.She walked to the library.5.Jill phoned Emma.6.Emma's mother had three tickets.


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1. First she washed the clothes.  - That's wrong. First she washed the dishes.

2.then she played with her friend. - That's wrong. Then she played with her brother,Joe.

3.She carried four heavy bags. - That's wrong. She carried home two heavy bags.

4. Next she cleaned her room. - That's wrong. Next she cleaned her shoes.

5. She walked to the library. - That's wrong. She walked to the supermarket.

6.Jill phoned Emma. - That's wrong. She phoned Jill.

7.Emma's mother had three tickets. - That's wrong. Emma's mother had two tickets.