Write the will be (do) ing or will have (done) from
1.____(you/see) laila tomorrow?
2.by the end of the trip,---- (I /travel) more than 2,000miles
3.if you need to contact me, ---I/stay at the London hotel until Sunday
4.do you think you/still do the same job in ten years' time
5.so, on Sunday, ---- she /be in almaty for exactly two years
not in the afternoon. ----I/work
yes,---- th e meeting /finish by that time


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1. Will you be seeing Laila tomorrow?
2. By the end of the trip, I will have travelled more than 2,000 miles.
3. If you need to contact me, I will be staying at the London hotel until Sunday.
4. Do you think you will still be doing the same job in ten years' time
5. So, on Sunday, she will have been in Almaty for exactly two years.
 not in the afternoon.
I will be working yes, the meeting will have finished by that time.