Англ.яз с. 84 №11. Вставь пропущенные слова.
Example: I live with my mum and dad.( I, my)
1) In the morning ... cleans ... teeth. (her, she)
2) ... likes to play with ... friends. (he,his)
3) Look at the dog! ... is black. But ... ears are white. (its, it)
4) ... go for a walk with ... pets in the park. ( our, we)
5) ... washed ... hands before lunch. ( they, their)


Ответы и объяснения

3)it it's
5)they their
я вставила вместо точек по порядку.
спасибо большое!
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1) In the morning she cleans her teeth
2)HE likes to play with HIS friends. 
3) Look at the dog! IT is black. But ITS ears are white.
4) WE go for a walk with OUR pets in the park. 
5) THEY washed THEIR hands before lunch.