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Every person should be hard-working because one cannot get anything without putting a lot of work into it.In our family everybody works with pleasure.I haven’t got any brother who could help my father to make furniture or do carpentry, so he has to do it himself.I have no younger sisters or brothers but if I did have them, I would be a very good baby-sitter because I like little children very much.When I come home very early, I don’t just sit and wait till my mother returns home and cooks supper for me.I do it myself and when my parents come home from work, I am glad to greet them and invite to the kitchen to taste my cookery.I think that the duties about the house are divided between my father, my mother and me quite justly.Though most of cooking in our family is done by my mother I help her by laying the table and clearing it after meals and washing up.On washing days my father and I help her to wring out clothes and hang the linen, then I iron it.I also do some shopping and keep the rooms clean and tidy.My mother does most of work in our family.She cooks breakfast for us every day and does shopping on her way back from work.I try to do all I can to help my parents about the house.

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