Составьте небольшой рассказ о типичной русской еде каждый день и на каникулах на английском языке
when we have a picnic...
when we have a holiday dinner...


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We have been told about Russian cuisine and national dishes recently. Firstly Russian cuisine is famous for its first courses – different soups. It turns out that cabbage soup is Russian national soup. The soups are served with baked goods – rasstegais. Russian cuisine is also famous for pancakes, rolls and patties with different fillings. Secondly mushroom dishes have a special place in Russian cuisine. There is a tradition to boil, dry, pickle and even marinate the mushrooms. Since long ago there is a tradition to boil the kvass and now it’s considered a national beverage of Russian cuisine. Compotes, kissels and fruit drinks are also well-known among beverages. In Russian cuisine jam and honey are served for dessert. Oven baked apples are the best dessert. Thirdly Russian porridges are the most delicious and healthy. Every day before going to school I eat porridge. My grandmother says that porridge gives strength that’s why Russian men are so strong. I’m very glad that my homeland is famous for such delicious dishes.
тому что я написал
Тут вроде составить то что вы едите на пикнике...так?
ну да
When we have a picnic, we pamper yourself varieties of food, make sandwiches, salads, vegetables, kebabs etc. When we have a holiday dinner, we have the food is traditional.
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