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This Saturday we went to the zoo. There's so much more interesting ! We rode ponies and ate delicious ice cream . We also saw a chimpanzee. He's so funny ! Chimpanzees running around the cage and shouted something . We admired him and went on. Came to cages with parrots . The best was a cockatoo . Wings blue , and he was white , her eyes - dark brown .
After further avenues zoo, we approached the cage of kangaroos and saw how small the bag looked kenhuryatko his mother kangaroo , it is funny ! It was nice to watch these majestic animals like zebu . We were also impressed by its appearance a little bird. Which is great! This small, quiet, no one interferes , this bird hummingbird .
I really enjoyed the zoo . It is quiet and comfortable. In animals, large clean cages, where they feel at ease , relaxed.
It was the best day of rest ! Talk with wildlife always brings a pleasure to watch teaches "brothers our smaller " kind eyes , cultivate such feelings as compassion, empathy , a desire to protect, help , sorry.