задайте к предложениям общие краткие вопросы и дайте краткие ответы:

The girl drank a glass of juice.
Did the girl drink a glass of juice?-Yes ?she did. /No ,she didnt.
1)Anna loved her cat very much. 2)they often went to the cinema together. 3)Mother bought a cake for tea . 4)I had dinner with my family yesterday. 5)We came home late last night. 6)After dinner they were very thirsty. 7)He drank two cups of tea. 8)Mother made a wonderful dinner yesterday. 9)Granny hked to cook very much. 10)She recommended this restaurant to me. 11)My parents had a nace car three years ago. 12)I ate on the run in a fast-food restaurant yesterday.


Ответы и объяснения


1. Did Ann love her cat very much? -- Yes, she did.
2. Did they often go to the cinema together? -- Yes, they did.3. Did mother buy a cake for tea? -- Yes, she did.4.Did I have dinner with my family yesterday ? -- Yes, I did. 5.We come home late last night? -- Yes, we did. 6. Were they very thirsty after dinner? -- No, they weren't. 7. Did he drink two cups of tea? -- No, he didn't. 8. Did mother make a wonderful dinner yesterday? -- No, she didn't. 9. Did Granny hked to cook very much? -- No, she didn't. 10. Did she recommende this restaurant to me? -- No, she didn't. 11. Did my parents have a nace car three years ago? -- No, they didn't. 12. Did I eat on the run in a fast-food restaurant yesterday? - Yes, I did