Помогииииите пожалуйста))))Написать эссе по английскому языку на тему велосипедные дорожки в городе,нужны ли они ..должно быть 5 абзацев!!!!!!!!


Ответы и объяснения

Bicycle path - specifically dedicated exclusively reserved for cyclists , road. In SDA oboznalsya traffic sign 4.5 " cycle track " . Its traffic is only allowed on bicycles and mopeds , pedestrians can walk on it only if there is no sidewalk or pedestrian walkway . In Europe, bike lanes on the sidewalks are paved with colored tiles , color and type of cover tracks - is itself a symbol of the cycle path , none of pedestrians does not infringe on a " veloprostranstvo ." For the locals - this is obvious, but our citizens abroad , pedestrians , walking along cheerfully colored beautiful footpath comes with surprise rush from flying across the track cyclists.
At the same time , quite a number of residents ( different cities ) uses bicycles. Therefore it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the use of this mode of transport .
Moscow authorities are developing a pilot project to establish in the capital of bicycle lanes and parking for them.
Fellow motorists as you think , and for our city , bike paths are needed?