1).My favourite film?

2).What is the plot?

3).Who are the main characters?

4).How does it end?

5).Who was it directed by?

6).Can you remember any of the actors?

7).Is it well acted?

8).Were there any special effects?

9).Why do you like this film?

нужно перевести или ответить на них?
Ответить,а то у меня нет любимого фильма и фантазии нет.

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One of my favourite film is Alice in Wonderland.
It's the story of Alice, a teenage girl,who fall in a big hole.But there was a world. And she had to kill a big dragon.
The main characters are Alice, the Hatter, white and red queens.
In the and of film Alice has killed that big and bad dragon and then she has returned home.
This film was directed by Denny Elfman.
There were Mia Wasikovska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway etc.
It is well acted.And there were some special effects.
I like this film because there were my favourite actors and I like science fiction films.