Вставь глаголы, используя the Past Simple и the Present Perfect.
1. a) He ____ lots of photos of
different places. Now he can take part in the photo exhibition.(take)

b) Yesterday, he went sightseeing and ____ lots of

____you ___ the novel yet? Is it worth reading?
(read) b)
When___ you____the book?- Last summer.

___you____to the new park? – Not yet.

(be) b) I ____there 3 months ago.(be)

4) a) She____ her classmates to her birthday party.
There will be lots of guests, won't there?(invite)

b) Julia___ her friends to the park yesterday. They
had a picnic.



Ответы и объяснения

1. Has taken, took 2. Have you read the novel yet? When did you read the book? 3. Have you gone...? Was 4. Has invited Invited
1) When did you read the book
2)Have you gone
не понятно почему так?
Не знаю, как тебе объяснить. Попробуй перевести на русский. When did you read the book?- вопрос о факте, значит симпл. Have you gone..? - действие как-бы ещё продолжается. Тем более, как я понимаю, задание на различие двух времён, то есть если в a- simple, то в b - perfect, и наоборот.