1. Переведите, правильно применяянеопределенные местоимения some и any.1. У некоторых студентов третьего курса завтра нет занятий по английскому языку.2. Хотите кофе? – Нет, спасибо.3. Он дал нам варенья.4. Утром мы пили чай.5. У вас есть какие-нибудь интересные книги?6. Он не дал мне никаких статей.7. У твоего друга есть письма на немецком языке?8. Любой школьник может ответить на этот вопрос.9. Приходите в любое время.10. Не думаю, что у меня дома есть журналы.
2. Open the brackets using the proper tense forms.
Alice Jones is one of the most interesting people I ever (to meet). She (to be) only 23, but she has already travelled to over 18 different countries. Four years ago, she (to be) a teacher in Birmingham, but she (to decide) to give up her job and see the world. The first time she (to go) abroad was eight years ago when she (to be) just ninteen.She (to take) a boat to France and then (to hitch-hike) around Europe for six weeks. Afterwards she (to visit) Europe many times but that first trip was special – it (to make) her start travelling. She (can’t) forget the excitement of those six weeks – although it (to be) not all enjoyable. When she was in Leipzig, for example, somebody (to steal) her purse, she (to lose) all her money and (to have) to work in a restaurant for a month. She (to make) some good friends there however and (to return) several times to see them afterwards.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Some students of the third year will not have English  lessons tomorrow. 2. Would you like some coffee? - No, thank you. 3. He gave us some jam. 4. We had some tea in the morning. 5. Have you got any interesting books? 6. He didn't give me any books. 7.Has your friend got any letters in German? 8.  Any student can answer this question. 9. Come any time. 10. I don't think I have any magazines at home. 

2. met,  is ,  was,  decided,   went, was, took, was hitch-hiking, visited, made, can't, wasn't, stole, lost, had to, made. returned.     
Some students of third course have no english lessons tomorrow.Are you want some coffee?-No,thanks. He gave us some jam. We drunk some tea in the morning/ Have you any interesting books? He didnt give me any article. Do your friend have any letters on German?
Any student can answer this question.Come at any time. I dont think I have any magazines at home.