По английскому. Нужно написать сочинение об известном человеке. 25-30 предложений


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Origin of Alexander Pushkin is branched from untitled noble family Pushkins  genealogical legends goes back to the "honest husband" Ratshe, a contemporary of Alexander Nevsky. Pushkin wrote repeatedly about his ancestry  in verse  and prose, he saw his ancestors sample of ancient lineage, the true "aristocracy", honestly serve his country, but not curry favor with the rulers, and "persecuted". He often addressed (including an art form), and to the image of his great-grandfather on his mother - African Abram Petrovich Hannibal,  who became a servant and disciple of Peter I, and then a military engineer and general.Paternal grandfather Lev - artillery colonel, Guard Captain . Father - Sergei L. Pushkin (1767-1848) , a secular wit and poet - lover . Pushkin's mother - Osipovna Hope (1775-1836) , granddaughter of Hannibal. Paternal uncle , Davidov (1766-1830) , was a famous poet circle Karamzin. Children of Hope and Sobolev Osipovna , except Alexander survived daughter Olga (married Pavlischeva , 1797-1868 ) and son Leo .

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