Рассказ на пять предложений чем знаменит один из городов Великобритании.


Ответы и объяснения

London - Capital of the UK - in a special needs no introduction. This city whose history begins several thousand years ago ( it was founded by the Romans , and they gave him the name Londinium), attracts tourists from all over the world , like a magnet . One of the most important and the largest metropolises in Europe , London is the center of cultural, political and financial life of the United Kingdom . Fashionable shops, pubs and nightlife in conjunction with cultural events create a world scale in this awesome place a truly unique atmosphere , where ultra peacefully coexists with the traditional. If you decide to go on a trip to the UK to begin the conquest of Albion should just with London. And every time , coming back here , you will discover something new - the possibilities are truly endless for this city .