Написать небольшой текст (10 предложений примерно, но не меньше) про национальный театр в лондоне. На английском, разумеется)


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50 years and 800 performances later, it is difficult to imagine that the National Theatre could not be . Nevertheless, the fight for its creation was a long and relentless , and it was attended by the brightest figures of British culture .articles" Larissa and merchants " Ostrovsky on the English stage" Yearning " by Chekhov on the London stageRobert Lepage and his " Card Game " in the round houseRelated MaterialTagsArt , Britain, Editor's ChoiceIn 1938 in London's Kensington district where the alleged laying of the building of the future National Theatre , George Bernard Shaw made ​​, despite the fact that the case was settled , the classic drama spoke as follows :" People ask me : do the British people a national theater? Of course, do not need ! They never want ! They have the British Museum, which they never wanted . They have the National Gallery, which they also did not want to . And at Westminster Abbey they have , and it did not want to . But now, when it is, when it stands as something mystical that they somehow appeared , they treat him kindly and even can not imagine what it would be if it were not it was . "