Помогите пожалуйста поставить глаголы в правильной форме?1)Yesterday I(to go) shopping.

2)While I (to work) at home I suddenly ( to feel) an awful pain.

3)Julia (to be) ill since she (to come) back to England.

4) When I ( to arrive) Christine ( to sit) in front of the felevision and John ( to prepare) the dinner.

5) I ( to meet) her last week and ( to tell) her that I ( to want) to go on holiday with her.

6) He ( to go) to the doctor by the time we ( to arrive)

7) I ( to do) my morning exercises for 10 minutes when my sister ( to get) up.

8)He ( to leave) the outskirts of the city 2 hours ago.

9) They ( to drive) east wards for 3 hours when they (to see) that glorious scenery.

10)When I ( to pack) my things my friend ( to come).

11) He ( not to drink ) for 10 years before that occasion.

12) A man ( to drive ) down the country when something ( to run) fast across the road.

13) The farmer ( to buy) all his chickens by 12 o^clock/

14) He ( to deliver) all newspapers before his master( tu come)

15) He hardly (to tare) money when his wife ( to appear)

16) She ( to be) on holiday here about 20 years ago.


Ответы и объяснения

1) went, 2) was working...felt, 3)has been ...came, 4) arrived...was sitting...waspreparing, 5) met, told, wanted. 6) has gone...arrived 7) was doing...got  8) left, 9) were driving...saw, 10) was packing...came 11) hasn't been drinking 12) was driving...ran 13) will have bought  14) had delivered...came  15) had tared..appeared 16) was
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