Пожалуйста, очень - очень нужно! Задайте 10 специальных, 10 общих и 10 альтернативных вопросов вашему дугу о его семье.


Ответы и объяснения

1 What is the name of your father? 2 How many people are in your family? 3 Who is the smartest in your family? 4 Why do you argue with your mom? 5 Where are your family coming from? 6 Where do you live now? 7 How do you spend your free time together? 8 How long can you watch TV together? 9 How much do you love each other? 10 When will your family come to visit us? 
1. Does your mother  working or sitting at home? 2. Does your dad  a doctor or a teacher? 3. Does your brother study at school or at university? 4. Does your mom love cats or dogs? 5. Does your father kind or angry?  6. Does your mother funny or boring? 7. Do you have a brother or a sister? 8. Do you like to spent time with your friends or with your family? 9. Do you want to have a little brother or a sister? 10. Do you have a dog or a cat?
P/S могут быть ошибки)))