Написать письмо Саре описать свой дом и ваш использование окрестности!! По англ яз


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My dear friend Sarah,
I am writing to you this letter to give you some information about the place where I live. I live near the Moscow city. The city is only 100km away from my house. I live in a big house with two floors. The color of my house is brown and I like its color. There are 12 rooms in our house, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, 1 winter and 1 summer kitchens. My room is on the upstairs. I asked my father to paint my room to green color. There are lots of interesting things in my room. I would be happy to show you my house and all the places near it if you pay a visit. Hopefully wait for your response. 
Sincerely your, Mr. ............... .