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1.i usully had problems wathing films online. my friends said it was because i had a bad internet connection. i _____ (call) my provider and they improved it somehow.
2.if people had a bad internet they _____(communicate) live more.
3.mark spends all his free time online . dont you think he _____(become) too addicted to the computer?
4. you never know what kind of people may get to it and how it can ____(use) by them.
5.the internet ____(invent) in the twentieth centry.


Ответы и объяснения

1. called 2.would communicate 3. is becoming  4. be used 5. was invented
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the internet is important for people because it extends their _____(communicate)possibilities. we can speak via the internet watch films send ___(inform) and shop/
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communication information