Помогите описать картинку!!!
на английском )
нужно придумать где они живут ,как их зовут и т.д
6 класс.


Ответы и объяснения


This is a picture of the Johnson family. When the family gets together they have a lot of fun. Kids love to visit their grandparents and often spend summer vacations with them.

Grandpa Tom and Grandma Liz live in West Monroe, Louisiana. They live in a small house with a large backyard. Grandpa Tom is retired and loves to go fishing and hunting in the woods. Grandma Liz cooks, bakes and takes care of their barn animals.  

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson live in Cleveland, Mississippi with their 10 year-old twins Ashley and Steve. Mr. Fred Johnson is an accountant in a small private firm. His wife Donna is a legal secretary. They own a fairly large house and 2 cars. Once a week they take ballroom dancing lessons. Donna is an avid reader and a member of Oprah book club. Every Sunday morning the whole family goes to church.

Ashley and Steve go to public middle school. They both get excellent grades. Ashley is a cheerleader and on the swim team. Steve likes to play baseball and video games.