Write a short letter about your favourite holiday. Use the guestions.
What holiday is it?
Do you make special things before it?
Do you invite guests?
What do your family usually do on this day?
Why do you like this holiday?


Ответы и объяснения

Dear Jane!
You want me to tell you about my favourite holiday.My favourite holiday is New Year.This is very magical and wonderful holiday.Before the holiday our family decorates Christmas three. My mom always bying gifts. And father satisfied with our holiday program. O f course we invite a lot of guests. Especially I like when come to the feat my aunt Meggie. Also we invite other our relatives, like uncle John and aunt Sarah. In the day of holiday we going to the family table and start to celebrate. Mothers dishes always very tasty. This is my favourite holiday, because it is time of magic and gifts. And, of course, I like Chrastmas because of snowing. Now tell me about your favourite holiday.
                                                                     Lots of love,
                                                                      Your Jessica!