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1) Is Big Ben a clock or a bell?
2) The tower of Big Ben is a symbol of London and Britain, isn't it? And what tower and clock are the symbols of Russia? Where and when can you hear the Russian symbol?
3) The Tower of London is very old, isn't it? What is it famous for?
4) Who founded Westminster Abbey?
5) Where does the English Parliament work? Do you know where the Russian Parliament works?


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1. Big Ben is a clock.
2. Yes, it is.
 The Bell Tower of Ivan the Great is the symbol of Russia. On the five tops of the Kremlin towers one can see shining ruby stars. The clock that strikes every quarter of an hour is on the Spassky Tower.
3.  Yes, it is. It has a long and cruel history. The tall building is the White Tower, the oldest part of the Tower of London. The Bloody Tower has a history of blood.
4.  Westminster Abby was founded by Edward the Confessor.
5. The English Parliament works in the Houses of Parliament.
The Russian Parliament works in the White House.