в скобках поставить неправильные глаголы во вторую или третью форму.
А) He (eat) a lio of cakes yesterday.
B) We have (write) the test today.
C) He has (take) this book from the library this week.
D) He (be) at the seaside last sammer.
E) They ( give) us some food yesterday.
F) they have ( cut) the vegetables for the soup.


Ответы и объяснения

A) ate
B) written
C) taken
D) was
E) gave
F) cut
ВСТАВИТЬ СЛОВА ПО СМЫСЛУ. I am a......(1) student of the.....(2) . This year we....(3) got many new....(4) . Besides, we undergo....(5) at the end.... (6) the second..... (7). I hope I.... (8) pass all the exams.....(9). SEMESTER, IN TIME, COLLEGE, SECOND-YEAR, HAVE, WILL, OF, SUBGECTS,PRACTICE
1) second-year
2) college
3) have
4) subjects
5) practice
6) of
7) semester
8) will
9) in time
вроде так)