Нужно перевести в косвенную речь, начать предложения: she(he) said..., she(he) asked her(him)...:

1) "Webb is packing his things".

2) "They wil be driving back to the city some minutes later".

3) "I'm all packed" , she said.

4) "Has Alec come to get the keys?"

5) "You are wrong" , he said to his wife.

6) "No doctor will save him".

7) "Don't do it ,Judson ", she said to her husband.

8) "You can pick me up there".

9) "She had decided to tell Alec's wife".

10) "What right do you have to do this?"

11) "Will you be here till spring?'

12) "Will he be able to kill anybody?'

13) "What are they?"

14) "If I want to protect my property I make my own laws".

15) "My boots are drying in the yard", he remembered.

16) "You'll be better in a minute", Alec said to him.

17) "He drank some whiskey".


Ответы и объяснения


1) She said that Webb was packing his things.

2)She said that  They would be driving back to the city some minutes later.

3) She said that she was all packed.

4)She asked  if Alec had come to get the keys?

5) He said to his wife that she was wrong.

6)She said thet no doctor would save him.

7) She asked her husband not to do it.

8)She said to him that hi could pick her up there .

9) She said that She had decided to tell Alec's wife.

10)She asked him about the right which he had to do that.

11) She asked me if I would be here till spring'

12)She asked if he would be able to kill anybody

13)She asked what they were.

14) She said that If she wanted to protect my property she would make my own laws".

15)He remembered that his boots were drying in the yard.

16)Alec said to him that  he would be better in a minute.

17) She said that He have drunk some whiskey.