Should people sue big companies or should they take more responsibility for themselves? Why / Why not? Think of a story to illustrate your point of view. Write 8-12 sentences.

нужно написать по этому вопросу сочинение


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Оно так переводится:Люди должны Сью крупных компаний или они должны взять на себя больше ответственности на себя? Почему / Почему нет? Придумать историю, чтобы проиллюстрировать свою точку зрения. Написать 8-12 предложений.
In my opinion people need to take more responsibility for their actions, otherwise we are running the risk of becoming a highly litigious nation. This in terms will widen the gap between the big companies and people, which will push insurance premiums sky high and will burden the Court system with systematic abuse of Law.
As a clear example of the "out of control" litigation we can study the case where an Israeli woman sued the TV station for allegedly broadcasting a false weather report...