Помоги сделать задание !!! Поставьте в правильную форму (put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or continuous)
Many years ago while I (1)…. (travel) through Europe by train I (2)… (have) the chance to visit most of the major European capitals and admire the traffic scenery. One day as the train (3)… (pass) through the French countryside it suddenly (4)… (stop) at small picturesque village because of engine problems. While we (5) … (wait) for the train to be repaired, we (6) … (get off) to do some sightseeing for a couple of hours. I (7)… (go) cozy restaurant where I (8)… (enjoy) some exquisite French wine. In the end, I (10) … (not mind) the delay at all.


Ответы и объяснения

1) traveled
2) had
3) passed
4) stopped
5) waited
6) were getting off
7) gone
8) enjoyed
9) didn't mind
Не 10 а 9 слов )