Помогите пожалуйста это на завтра надо!!!
Переделай по образцу.
Example: My sister does not write fairy tales.
My sister does"nt write fairy tales.
1) I have not got a brother.-

2) My grandmother does not listen to rock music.—
3) His sister cannot take photos.—
4) Her grandfather has not got a pet.—
5) Mag did not play puzzles yesterday.—6
) Our father will not watch the stars in the morning.-
7) Their mother was not at home at two o'clock.—3.
Запиши вопросы.
1) Mag walked in the park. Where did
2) The weather was fine. Was
3) Max will ride his bike next Sunday. When will
4) Mag waters the flowers every morning. What does
5) Max liked his scooter and shared it with me. What did
4. Напиши, какими должны и не должны быть родители и дети .Используй модели: I__1 Лш. /\ . I__I Аш. not /\ I
Example: Mother must make cakes every day.Children mustn't watch TV late in the evening.
1)_______________________________2)_______________________________3)___________________________________4)________._________________________Прошу вас помогите это на завтра


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1- haven't got
2-doesn't listen
4-hasn't got

1-where did mag walk?
2-was the weather fine?
3- when will max ride his bike?
What does mag do every morning?
What did max like and share with me?

Children must clean teeth every day
Parents musn't quarrel with each other
Children mustn't be late for school
Parents must take care of their children