ПОЖАЛУСТА!!!!! ПОМОГИТЕ Написать статью для газеты про то как моряк выжил на собачьем корме!

обьем от 7 предложений и больше
а от куда мне знать как он выжил?
любую ситуацию придумать

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It happened in 1969 august 15. There was a ship crossing the athlantic ocean. When the ship reached waterside the sailor had not seen civilization in there. He lost! It was an isle in novere. He started to think how to stay alive for next week. He remembered he has a dog food in the ship. There was a lot of it. Also he had a radio. The sailor every hour had been trying to got in touch with a harbor. He finally did it. But there was a bad news. Next ship going to be in here next monday so he must eat a dog food for 6 days.
There was nothing to do. So he had had a dog food for breakfast for dinner and for evening for 6 days.