Срочно нужно сделать это задание без переводчика, пожалуйста помогите !!!!


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1) it is the "Fairy Tale About The Fisherman And The Golden Fish" .
2)it was written in the 19th (nineteenth) century.
3)Alexander Pushkin
4)it is about a poor fisherman and his cruel wife who always was angry with him. But suddenly the fisherman caught a magic Golden Fish which asked him to set her free for any wishes. The fisherman set her free and his wife told him to call the fish back and tell her to make her wishes come true. But the wife wasn't such a good person to make anything for her.
5) the fisherman, golden fish , fisherman's wife.
6)I was impressed by its wisdom. This fairy tale gives good lesson to everyone. I was also impressed how beautifully the author wrote it.