из слов составить предложения

1. my family, a, goes, on holiday, twice, year

2. day, football practice, I, every, have

3. visit, often, you, do, your grandparents, how ?

4. Aunt Lucy, year, a, stays, with us, three, times

5.go, we, a, yeaf, on holiday, twice

6. day, cleans, Mum, the house, a, once

7. I, with Charlie, swimming, Friday, go, every

8. gym, the, six, my sister, visits, week, times, a


Ответы и объяснения

2.I have football practise every day
3.how do you often vist your grandpartents&
1.my family goes on holiay twice a year
5.we go on holiday twice a year
6.Mum cleans the house once a day
8.my sister visits the gym six times a week
7.I go swimming with Charlie every  Friday
4.Ant Lucy stays with us six times a week