составить предложение с английских слов: village,should,centre,off,in,get,you,the,of,the.

все слова в одном предложении.
напиши это. твоя учительница офигеет с таких предложений. Скажешь сам писал xD
тест с английского в 4 класе тема "unit3. around the city"
В тесте 8 предложений 1) village,should,centre,off,in,get,you,the,of,the; 2) must,you,not,enter,when,is,busy,he; 3) a,a,town,city,is,smaller,then,usually; 4)the, cinema,the,muzeum,opposite,is; 5) next,should,stop,off,at,get,you,the; 6) feed,the,must,you,not,animals; 7) a,a,town,city,is,bigger,than; 8) the,food shop,gallery,next to,the, is:

Ответы и объяснения

My friend lives in a small village
Its getting dark, we should go home now.
There are always many people in the centre of the city.
Turn of the TV, it annoyed me.
Get in faster, the car is going to leave.

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