Пожалуста,срочно!!розповідь про похід в театр 10 речень!на англійські мові!

на английском?
жди 6 минут))
еще долго?)

Ответы и объяснения

In one of the provincial theaters in Soviet times gave a play about Lenin. Opens the curtain, sounds, of course, Beethoven (PA-BA-BA-BAM), sitting at a table Vladimir Ilyich and works.
The curtain has not fully opened, and suddenly, from the vibration of its drive with grid bars (space above the stage) falls the hammer left there stagehand in error. This component of the character of the USSR has the property of falling metal part down that successfully takes, and landed exactly on the head of the Leader of world proletariat. He drops dead.
Sounds, of course, Beethoven (PA-BA-BA-BAM), the curtain closes, the performance is over, the audience is offered to leave the hall. (The actor remained alive only due to the fact that Lenin was bald in the sense of cushioned the blow molding, imitating his bald head.
About the future relationship of the theatre staff and KGB history is silent.