Помогите, пожалуйста, написать сочинение на тему "a celebration with a difference" 150-200 слов, можно про день рождения или что-то другое


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Recently it was my birthday. My birthday was celebrated like a holiday that differented from all other holidays. It was quite a special one. All of my friends from all around the country gathered in my living room to give me an enourmous amount of presents. I was also surprised by the contents of the presents themselves. There were things that I wished to have for years now. Besides that, we also drove around in a limousine that had a jacuzzi at its behind. We then arrived at an extraordinary building, which seemed like a very luxurious place. We went inside and had a splendid time. I remember also singing karaoke songs with all of my friends. After all of this I was already pretty tired, so I decided to tell everyone that it's better to call it a day already. Although they wanted to celebrate some more, they already could agree that my birthday was like a holiday with a difference.