Помогите пожалуйста!
надо из ниже написанных слов сделать маленькие предложения!( не словосочетания!)
a lot of
at least
cater pillar
claw collect famous
favourite glass cage hairy
Буду очень признательна!


Ответы и объяснения

A lot of my friend live in Kiev.
At least one of us has been to London.
Every bird has got a beak.
I haven`t done my homework because I didn`t have time.
Carrot is the vegetable I like the most.
My mom doesn`t like caterpillars because they are  scary.
This cat has got long claws.
I used to collect coins as a child.
Kiev is famous for it`s architecture.
Mu favourite colour is blue.
The windows are made of glass.
Her hamster lives in a cage. He is very hairy.
Hedghogs live in forests, I think. 
нет там glass cage (aквариум) можешь с hairy что то легкое придумать?
эти слова по отдельности предлложения
Могу. When I was five I used to have three fish which lived in a glass cage. I think that hairy animals are very cute.