помогите сочинить любой выдуманной рассказ ( желательно немного страшный)


Ответы и объяснения


It occurred few years ago. The boy by name of Justin moved to the new city. Everything was as usual, the new school, new friends. But then Justin didn't guess yet that school was not so usual. Having studied at new school few months, Justin began to notice strange things. Couple of his schoolmates completely was gone after remained after the lessons, new teachers long weren't late at their school, and the remained teachers were always not in mood. Once having received an unsatisfactory grade in mathematics, the teacher left it after classes. It and the fellow from his class. Got dark. Having tried to include in a class light, he found out that light absolutely dim and I pound from it a little. The teacher left for a door, with words "Can go in an hour".
But something in these words wasn't pleasant to Justin. Didn't pass also half an hour after the teacher left and behind a door strange sounds became audible. Having opened a door, after all all children curious, it didn't return any more to this school. As then he learned at this school the girl was hung up and now her ghost lives in a building of this school, directing horror at security guards and pupils who to late were  at school.


Several ghosts in the house, including Pollatos and Lomagro, conspire to acquire the babies, once they are born, and raise them as their own. Violet commits suicide. Vivien gives birth to the twins in the house, but dies during labor. The first twin dies moments after birth, but the second one lives. Vivien's and Violet's ghosts urge Ben to flee the house. In so doing, Ben is confronted by Hayden who murders him by forcibly hanging him. Upon finding Ben's body, Constance abducts the baby. The series then jumps ahead three years to reveal that Constance has continued to raise her grandson Michael in secrecy. She discovers, however, that he has violently murdered his nanny.