Помогите по английскому!Reported Speech(Помогите преобразовать из прямой речи в косвенную)»

1. I said to Boris, “Does your friend live in London?” 2. They said to the mam, “Are you living in a hotel?” 3. He said to his friend, “Will you stay at the Hilton?” 4. He said to me, “Do you often go to see your friends?” 5. He said to me, “Will you see your friends before you leave St Petersburg?” 6. Mike said to Jane, “Will you come to the railway station to see me off?” 7. She said to me, “Have you sent them an e-mail?” 8. She said to me, “Did you send them an e-mail yesterday?” 9. I said to Mike, “Have you packed your suitcase?” 10. I said to Kate, “Did anybody meet you at the station?” 11. I said to her, “Can you give me their address?” 12. I asked Tom, “Have you had breakfast?” 13. I asked my sister, “Will you stay at home or go for a walk after dinner?” 14. I said to my mother, “Did anybody come to see me?” 15. I asked my sister, “Will Nick call for you on the way to school?” 16. She said to the young man, “Can you call a taxi for me?” 17. Mary said to Peter, “Have you shown your photo to Dick?” 18. Oleg said to me, “Will you come here tomorrow?” 19. He said to us, “Did you go to the museum this morning?”


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1. I asked Boris if his friend lived in London. 2. They asked the mam if she was living in a hotel. 3. He asked his friend if he would stay at the Hilton. 4. He asked me if I went often  to see my friends. 5. He asked me if I would see my friends before you left St. Petersburg. 6. Mike asked Jane if she would come to the railway station to see him off. 7. She asked me if I had sent them an e-mail. 8. She asked me if I send them an e-mail yesterday. 9. I asked Mikeif he had packed his suitcase. 10. I asked Kate if somebody met her at the station. 11. I asked her if she was able to give me their address. 12. I asked Tom if he had had breakfast. 13. I asked my sister if she would stay at home or go for a walk after dinner. 14. I asked my mother if somebody came to see me. 15. I asked my sister if Nick would call for her on the way to school. 16. She asked the young man if he was able to call a taxi for her. 17. Mary asked Peter if he had shown his  photo to Dick. 18. Oleg asked me if I would come there tomorrow. 19. He asked us if we went  to the museum last morning.