составить 10 предложений в present continuous и 10 предложений в present simple используя слова hate love like need want see have

в отличие от вас она хоть что-то написала
в отличие от вас я вам сейчас пишу!!! значит мне надо выйти?
нет.просто вы очень долго пишите
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напишите только в present continuous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1. Look! They are playing chess now.
2. At the moment we are living in London.
3. I am working for this company now.
4. She is not teaching at this school now.
5. What are you looking for?
6. I am looking for my key.
7. Our students are working hard now.
8. We are correcting your mistakes now.
9. They are not travellinh now.
10. Where are they travelling now?

1. I hate this job.
2. He believes you.
3. They don't understand you.
4. I remember you.
5. Do you love your friends?
6. Some leople don't like their friends.
7. What do think about it.
8. I hate doing this work
9. I dislike some people.
10. What do you need now?