Нужно придумать по три предложения со словами noce, eye, mouth, arm, leg, foot, head, neck, stomach,shoulder


Ответы и объяснения

My brother has a straight nose. Despite her terrible long nose he thinks she is very attractive. She is always  scratching her nose while she is eating.
She has got bushy eyebrows, which emphasize her blue eyes. Marry is an apple of my eye. After two hours crying her eyes become red.
She has wide mouth. I understood that she has a big mouth when she she told us Jenny's secret. Have you ever see Luise and her strange mouth?
This television costs an arm and a leg, so I'm thinking about another one.
извиняй, но я должна ити, поэтому не могу написать дальше....)
Clown has a funny nose
My left eye can't see well
Someone said:-"Close your mouth!"
She broke her arm last week
My mom has shaved her legs
Bears have big foot
He shaved his head
He bit me in my neck
My stomach is big
I don't know why, but my shoulder is red now