Помогите поставить в правильную форму(задание для ЕГЭ) срочно!!!

What makes Ronaldo special is that he is a football great who ___DOMINATE___the soccer world today.

"This is a special moment in my life. I ___ NOT THINK___ (even) about winning this award", said Ronaldo.

However, it ___SEEM___ that football players can demonstrate much more experiance...

Ten days ago, Ronaldo ruined his Ferrari in a tunnel near Manchester Airport while he ___HAVE___ a race with Van der Sar.

According to The Guardian, Ronaldo ___OWN___ his Ferrari for just two days before the accident


Ответы и объяснения

1) dominates
2) haven't even thought
3) seems
4) was having
5) had owned (owned)