Meet the Town Mouse. The Town Mouse lives in a town. She lives in a big house. She is white and merry. She has got a funny face. She likes to play computer games. In the morning she listens to music. She can dance well. On Sundays the Country Mouse comes to visit her.The Country Mouse is her friends. The Country Mouse is grey and smart. She has got black eyes,small ears and a long tail. She likes to read and draw pictures. She can write poems.

Выбери верные предложения:

1) The Town Mouse lives in the country
2) The Country
Mouse likes to read
3) The Country Mouse cant dance
4) On Sunday the Town Mouse comes to see the Country Mouse
5) The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse are friends


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Correct statements are:

2) The Country Mouse  likes to read

5) The Town Mouse  and the Country Mouse are friends