Напшите приглашение посетить какой-либо курорт на английском ( 10-15 предложений)


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In the Kemerovo region ski resort Sheregesh invites you to visit a snowpark Adrenaline Rush. Snowpark , which began its work the other day, you can visit for free. It is suitable for professional snowboarders and for all beginners .
Construction snowpark , which invites you to visit a ski resort Sheregesh , under the supervision of the best riders and lasted three months. The park is divided into two zones - for professionals and novice snowboarders. The complex is five meters long and a width of one meter is equipped with a private lift. Representatives of the local tourism businesses indicated that snowboarders every year at the resort is becoming more and emergence of a new park will be for them one more reason to stop the choice at this resort.
Shoriya mountain , which lies to the south of the Kemerovo region , is a very popular winter recreation. Ski resort Sheregesh , which invites you to visit a new snowpark , about twenty tracks of different difficulty levels and seventeen lifts. Near this village , on the mountain Green held various championships . In the next administration's plans include the resort snowmaking system upgrade and installation of lifts on the mountain Utuya . In addition, next year in the sector "E" will be expanded ski area twice.
In the current winter season, all fans of active sport very lucky with the weather . This winter was snowy and very frosty . Season ski resort could last until the beginning of May