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1 in our country children are involved in sports. his childhood. In winter, they love to ski paradise. skating, summer swim and play soccer in the Islands and their rollers stadiums, sports halls. swimming pools, tennis courts zheny over 2 sport morning exercise is useful for peoрple age and it makes a person strong and energetic after a tiring work helps shake yea joy again and feel fresh and full of energy. s hockey-great game, very used to playing in dokksa in school, and now, unfortunately I only spectator. Tel is a very popular game that Iona million spectators enthusiastically watching on television. when broadcast stimpiyskie matches or matches wa world championship, on the streets and in the movie becomes less people. 4. I prefer sports where teams compete, not individual athletes 5. competitions include almost all sports that governmental and voslednie 6 years my friend p, he looks all television transmission. pa do troet his favorite team. last he looked about, ended in a draw. long a (neither on the team could not open Spartak scored a goal and then set up the second time, it seemed that aDinamoo zakoachit game hens with shock and only in the second half (period of time) to level the set alos 7. exercises with commitments. Sporting events of friendship (make friends), etuzhat peace athlete did not expect even a 9 - 9 movoaymaniya. their record as a result set novyA cocoa record of vimoredelal beyond what. hold m cord in the high jump, and he is 10. I never not cricket. too. moa zealous sports botelschi 13. recep our former champion of the Soviet Union's plans meter to us loved me too arbitrary programa 15 is not surprising that he does Igor shtanroa. 16 food once a strong basketball Obala oh how I remember - I too soavblyu 17. As a child I did not know how to ride a horse. nate. Me too 18. I never Villette otogo dock. arkto her team. 19. th was the best cyclist of playing football is not mor otomu You're playing chess?-Yes,