помогите пожалуйста написать эссе на тему я и мои взаимоотношения с родителями.


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The closest to us are our parents. I love them very much. I see them every day. They are people of old school. They think that business is always before pleasure. I am not a couch potato, but sometimes it is so difficult to work. When it is spring, I want to walk and play, I do not want to study. We have come to an agreement. When I come from school, I have dinner and go for a walk. After that I come home and do my homework, wash dishes and help my mommy about the house.

Then there is the question of fashion. I want to have fashionable clothes. My parent say that the clothes and the singers I like are awful! The youth fashion is Greek to them. That is why we quarrel sometimes. But we can deal very well. When they want to give me an exiting present, we go shopping together, and they offer me to choose what I want. When I receive guests I wear the clothes my mother gives to me. My mother sews and knits very well, I like to wear her presents, becauce she buys fashion magazines.

The same with music. In my room I can listen to the music I like. When guests come to my parents, we listen to the music they like.

But in spite of this, I love my parent very much. And I try to do all my best not to make them upset.