Проверьте текст по английскому языку и укажите ошибки.I do not
think that superheroes it is Spiderman, Iron Man , Betmen . My superhero is the
employee ministry emergency situation. I believe that there work are real
people , many of which risk their lives, perform feats . They come to the aid
of people and animals. They help animals in distress, help people have fallen
into the well, eliminate the effects of the accident and so on. Brigade MOE
often sent to help in places of natural disasters, floods, fires, catastrophes.
Sometimes they even fly to other countries. Constant professional risk places
high demands on the quality of the physical and psychological stability
employee MOE.

In the news every day about the exploits
transmit emergency workers. I remember such a case. During the flood in the Far
East rescuers found a rabbit on the Big Ussuri Island . The animal was injured,
he could not climb over the fence and escape from the water. Rescuers - Ivan
Pampura and Bair Dashiev - rendered animal care. They loaded him into the boat
, delivered to the right bank of the Amur River , and then took a hare in a

It is my


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....superheroes it is Spiderman.... - ....superheroes are Spiderman....
My superhero is the employee ministry emergency situation. - Это как должно звучать по-русски?  И вообще, если не трудно, можете записать весь перевод текста? Может где-то нужен перефраз...
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