Exercise 1. Open the brackets correctly:

If you (say) that again, I (scream).

I (be) surprised if she (manage) to sell that car.

If the boys (come) to supper, I (cook) chicken breasts.

I (need) some money if we (go) out tonight.

I (miss) you if we (move) to Chicago.

Ann (be) sorry if Helen (not come).

If you (get) lonely, I hope you (phone) me - any time.

If you (look) in the top drawer, you (find) your passport.

It (be) great if Norman (get) the job.


Ответы и объяснения

1. say ...will scream
2. will be   ...manages
3. come...will cook
4. will miss...move
5. will be...doesn't come
6. get...will phone
7. look...will find
8. will be...gets
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