Imagine that you are planning to buy some new sports equipment/ You see one advertised in a magazine. Write a letter to the shop asking for more information/ Include this information :
1 -write where you saw the advert?and why you are writing
2-explain what you need the equipment for
3-ask your most important question
4-ask your other questions


Ответы и объяснения

Dear administration! In a magazine read announcement at 15% discounts on tourist bicycles. I want to ask. 1. Are there bicycles on sale for mountain tourism? 2.  Specify a country producer. 3. Name a brand and color of bicycle. 4. Specify the manner of payment. 5. Does a commodity deliver Your shop to the customer? Beforehand I thank you.
Уважаемая администрация! В журнале прочитал объявление о 15% скидки на туристические велосипеды. Хочу спросить. 1. Имеются ли в продаже велосипеды для горного туризма? 2.  Укажите страну производитель. 3. Назовите марку и цвет велосипеда. 4. Укажите способ оплаты. 5. Доставляет ли Ваш магазин товар покупателю? Заранее благодарю.
Dear Sirs,
I have seen magazine ad about 15% discount on bikes. I have a few questions:  1) Do you have mountain bikes in stock? 2) What is the country of origin? 3) What are the brands and colours of the bikes? 4) What payment options do you offer? 5) Do you offer delivery to the customer? Thank you in advance.