Нужно сочинение о льве или слоне,или медведе по английскому языку.


Ответы и объяснения

Lion - predatory mammal of the family cat. Build a dense, a large head, tail ends with a black tassel. Body length of 2.1 m and tail - up to 1,1 m Weight is approximately 280 kg of Wool short yellow sand color. Males mane - long and shaggy light yellow, or black.
In Asia lions live in savannas, semi-deserts and deserts, and in Africa lions have been preserved only in nature reserves. The total territory of lions live group, which also includes female, born on this territory. They all relative: grandmother, mother, granddaughter and daughter. When females much, then young females go.
Hunt at dusk and at night, couples, families or groups of 5-10 heads antelopes, zebras, deer livestock. Lions feed on birds, reptiles and even locusts. A lion skin has a color under color of grass, and it makes it invisible when he will hide in the grass, or sneaking up to a herd of grazing animals. But hunting lion comes out only when you are hungry. Beats the animal from the flock, and attacks him. One of the German naturalists said that the lion - human animal: he is a tender father, courageous and brave, alien to the bloodthirsty, smart, intelligent.
The lionesses born on 3-4 cubs. They sighted, with the growth of a kitten and weigh about 400 gr. After six months whelps participate together with their parents in a number of raids, and in 3 years they become adults. And young males and females leave their families and start an independent life.
Lions can live in captivity, trainable, so we can see them in the circus and the zoo.