Как найти проект по английскому про роботов???
помогите пожалуйстаааа! срочно надоо!!!!!!


Ответы и объяснения

Что именно про роботов?
мне по английскому задан проект про роботов. а мне в инете не найти. там нужно текст английский и перевод
Movies about robots and human-surrogate avatars of flesh and blood make you think about what awaits humanity in the very near future, and whether robots replace humans in real life, in different conditions and situations. And until someone philosophizes on the subject, while others are engaged in active and very successful development of robotic avatars, completely controlled by man and mimic his movements. This is the product of Professor Susumu Tachi (Susumu Tachi) from the Japanese Keio Unive