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6. My older brother is married. He has his own family. He married his college classmate. They got married three years ago. Their two-year-old daughter is my favourite niece.  
7. Katya is so stubborn. She always does what she wants and ignores any advice.
8. Trust me, you will not get away with it!  
9. I had a spat with my parents again. This time they disapproved of my hairstyle.  
10. You should be ashamed of what you've done.  
11. I am not afraid of voicing my opinion.  
12. I respect my parents despite our different views on modern life.  
13. In this case I can't take sides.  
14. My parent don't let me stay out late. They are always on my case about that.  
15. He managed to avoid punishment again.  
16. Every time I fight with my parents, my grandpa protects me.  
17.  I get along well with my sister. We don't always agree on fashion and music but I can always rely on her.  
18. As a child I never could get out of doing dishes. It was my little chore. If I were to forget to do dishes my parents would bitch at me about that.  
19. My little brother like loud music. There is nothing I can do; I just have to live with that.  
20. I realized that in this issue he supports Nikolai and not me.  
21. How hard it is to live when you can't get through to your most significant person.  
22.  Pete is the youngest in our family. He never gets punished for bad behaviour. I am afraid that he will grow up so spoiled.  
23. I often remember our life in the country.  
24.  Many years ago girls had strict upbringing.  
25.  I am a lot like my father. I like to get my way, however I listen to other opinions more often than he does.  
26.  Grandma told me that my uncle was the black sheep of the family.